Professional translation

We provide a single point of contact for all your company’s language needs in document translation, multi-lingual solutions, subtitles, your new website or online store and more, all tailored to the cultures in question. We guarantee a fast, reliable translation service for all the languages you need.

Professional translation

If you’re looking for professional translators who’ll know how to get your ideas across and deliver translations that are ready to use, you’ve come to the right place! After all the care you’ve taken when writing your content, you need to make sure the translation into the target language really does say what you want it to say.

Our translators and proof-readers are specialised in linguistic adaptation. In addition to translations into and from German, French, Italian, English and many other languages in a wide range of fields, we also carry out revision, correction, transcription, subtitling, and certified translations, as well as graphic design and layout services for translated content.


Nowadays, video shorts are a distinct, highly valued communications channel allowing information to be passed on in a quick, user-friendly format that enhances retention of the message.

To ensure your video has maximum impact and tailor its message to speakers of German, Swiss German, French, English, Chinese, or any other language, some of our translators specialise in subtitling and voiceover scripts, while our sound engineers take care of transcription and editing as well as subtitle embedding and overdubbing.

Professional interpreting

For press conferences, tradeshows and meetings with business partners who don’t speak your language, it’s a relief to be able to count on professional interpreters to facilitate your interactions.

We provide professional interpreting services for simultaneous, liaison and consecutive interpreting along with the technical equipment required to ensure a successful event. Interpreters are selected on the basis of their native language and the topic in question.

Certified and authenticated translation

Translations of legal documents, notarized deeds and personal documents may need to be certified, authenticated and legalised. The kind of authentication varies depending on the authority requesting the translation.

We offer a dedicated service to take care of the entire procedure for you, including urgent requirements.

Levels of translation quality

Basic translation

Translation and proofreading are carried out by a single professional translator. The project manager reviews the translation briefly to check for any errors.

Quality translation

Quality translations meet the usual requirements for B2B and B2C interactions. A professional translator works with a professional proof-reader, either in tandem or one after the other. They ensure nothing’s been left out or added, and that the style is suitable for the target readership.

Best-quality translation

Best-quality translations correspond to the most sophisticated workflow. This starts with the preparation of the source documents, followed by translation and proofreading by two distinct translators, formatting of the translation, and quality control on the basis of criteria determined with the customer. Where applicable, press proofs will also be reviewed.