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Our levels of translation

‘Basic’ translations are designed to allow you to understand text written in a language you don’t know. They are destined for correspondence with friends and family and situations where little is at stake. These translations are carried out and proofread by one professional translator. The project manager carries out a brief check before delivery to detect any errors.

‘Quality’ translations meet the usual requirements for B2B and B2C interactions. A project manager ensures the translation is carried out properly. They choose the translator, the proof-reader, and any other professionals needed to prepare the text before and after translation (InDesign, video, Excel, Dita, WordPress etc.). The project manager also carries out quality control prior to delivery.

‘Best-quality’ translations are the most advanced. They include the creation of taglines, creative advertising copy, and adaptations for countries with a culture that’s very different from the source culture.

Extra-quality translation involves multiple stages, starting with preparation of the source text, followed by translation and proofreading by two different experienced translators, formatting, and other intermediate steps. Final verifications include checking corporate and any other specialised terminology, as well as any other considerations requested by the customer such as a particular register (e.g. for use on social media). Extra-quality translation may also include the final review and approval of translated press proofs.