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Discover our full-service offering for your certified translation requirements and consular formalities for Switzerland and abroad.

We prepare and translate your documents for administrative formalities all over the world. Our certified translations are recognised by authorities, schools, universities, courts and other bodies in Switzerland. If you need to produce documents in other countries, we can arrange for them to be notarized and officially certified. Our full-service offering gives you documents ready to be presented to the recipient – and peace of mind.

How to get an official translation?

Supply your documents; you’ll receive the certified translation in the language of your choice with all the legal certification you require in good time.

  1. Make an appointment or send us your documents with your contact details using our form  or by email.
  2. You’ll receive a free quote, with no commitment required, for delivery by your specified deadline.
  3. Your document will be translated by an experienced professional translator. The translation is then formatted and proofread by a second linguist. A final check allows us to certify that the translation is correct. We can have it authenticated by our notaries and officially certified by the Canton of Vaud and/or the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland.
  4. Pick up the translation from our office or receive it by post.

Lost amid certified, notarized, sworn, and official translations?

If you’re not sure what you need, give us a call.

Certified translations

Our certified translations are recognised by Swiss and other authorities.

Authenticated/notarized translations

In some cases, translations of official documents for presentation abroad must be authenticated by our notary.

Officially certified translations

Certification by the Canton of Vaud or the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland is required for many documents and their translations for use in countries other than Switzerland.

What sort of documents require official translations?

Personal documentation

Birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates; inheritance certificates; confirmation of residence; tax declarations; family registers; passports; civil status certificates; guardianship letters; confirmations of origin; medical reports; documents pertaining to arrival in or departure from Switzerland; documents required for financial investments; forms for notifications of changes in civil status and/or changes of name.

Training and professional documentation

School reports; grade record sheets; qualifications; certificates of employment; CVs; letters of recommendation; excerpts from a Trade Tribunal register; certificates of good conduct; criminal background and bankruptcy checks.

Legal documents

Deeds of sale or purchase of real estate property; court rulings; rulings on child custody and maintenance payments; child travel consent; wills; contracts; probate documents; police reports; civil and criminal complaints.