and ethically
responsible translations

Our translators are highly qualified professionals; many of them have qualifications in another field besides translation. They’ve made translation their business, and thus deserve fair compensation commensurate with the cost of living in Switzerland.

Another concern that’s self-evident for us is taking proper care of natural resources wherever we have an impact on them. Our collaborators travel on public transport, by bike or on foot, and sort and reduce waste. For unavoidable CO2 emissions, we make voluntary carbon offsetting payments.

As our customers can attest, the human element is more important than anything else

Our personal values are reflected in our understanding of customer service. Our translators, interpreters, project managers, graphic designers and technicians work together with a common aim: delivering effective solutions to make your life easier.

Preferential rates for NGOs, foundations, and non-profit organisations

Nature and the climate are telling us loud and clear that we all need to change our ways, fast. We’re playing our part in that by offering especially attractive rates for NGOs and non-profit organisations actively engaged in climate transition and protecting the environment, as well as those committed to other good causes.

Member of ASTTI

As a member of the Swiss Association of Translators, Interpreters and Terminologists (ASTTI), we uphold the professional code of practice for translations to and from French, German, Italian, Romansh and Swiss German.

  • we set demanding quality requirements
  • we don’t accept assignments we incompatible with our ethical line
  • we uphold the reputation of the profession
  • we don’t engage in unfair competition or spamming
  • we help keep languages alive and thriving.

Best practice in translation

While language often tends to be dumbed down these days, we value Swiss accuracy: most translations are seen by three people before being delivered.

Our best practice guide provides bespoke solutions for each language translation project.

We’re well-placed to assist and advise you, whatever your needs!

We’ll be happy to share further insights into what best practice means for you when it comes to translation.