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translation agency
for the non-profit sector

Foundations, non-profit associations and humanitarian organisations all benefit from our preferential rates.

Foundations and organisations recognised as being in the public interest play a key role in Swiss civil society. We grant them preferential terms since we know that they often have to operate on the basis of limited subsidies.

Translation services for foundations and non-profit associations

Our translators and interpreters can adjust to the specific requirements of non-profits and foundations.

Professional translations

Experienced professional translators know how to adjust their translations to the target readership. Your PR firm will have taken great care when drafting your content – it would be a pity not to have a professional translation to match. This final stage is just as important as the original draft and visual design: the translation must be a faithful portrayal of your ideas. Our translators are linguists with qualifications from universities and translation schools who have made translation their business.

Translations for videos

Videos and shorts are highly-valued media allowing information to be passed on in a quick, user-friendly style that improves retention. To make sure your messages get across properly in German, French, Italian, English, Spanish and other languages, some of our translators specialise in transcription and translation in the form of subtitles. Our audio technicians take care of subtitle editing and embedding as well as overdubbing for video.

Professional interpreting

This service is just what you need if you’re organising an event or hosting partners who don’t speak the same language as you. Of course, there are no shortage of automatic translation solutions online – but using them is fraught with danger at every turn.

Laying on simultaneous, liaison or consecutive interpretation and the technical equipment required to ensure the success of your event calls for the services of a professional translation agency with the experience it takes to avoid the many potential pitfalls. We’ll select interpreters on the basis of their native language and the topic in question.

All documents and requests are dealt with in the strictest confidentiality. We frequently partner with our customers’ designated PR firms. Our customers are especially appreciative of our professionalism and our availability – both are key to our approach to our job.

Some of the foundations who’ve chosen to work with us:

Action Innocence
Fondation Jean Monnet pour l’Europe
Fondation du Festival de Jazz Montreux
Fondation Vieux Moulins de la Tine
Association Perla
Fondation Théodora