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You can count on our expertise in professional translation for all your communication needs in Switzerland and abroad. Our team is by your side to provide you with the very best solutions, combining short turnaround times and Swiss quality. We offer companies bespoke services in a wide range of fields.

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Our customer portfolio includes SMEs, multinationals, entrepreneurs and independent professionals from every language region of Switzerland seeking high-quality professional translations. Headquartered in business hubs such as Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel and Lugano, they are all keen to ensure their material is both linguistically correct and easy to read.

Basic translation
Technical translation
Specialised translation
Notarized translation
Light and deep post-editing


Subtitling plays a decisive factor in securing good ratings for your video content – and it’s much more complicated than you might imagine. Relying on YouTube translations for your corporate communications is like asking one of your staff who happened to grow up speaking another language to translate your annual report! Proper transcription, inclusion of timecodes, knowing how to adjust translations to preserve meaning when carrying it over to another culture – and doing all that in synch with the video – requires postgraduate level training.

We provide a turnkey service:


Interpreting techniques and equipment vary widely depending on what type of event you’re organising; the needs are not the same for talks, panel discussions, negotiations, product presentations or new technology releases. In addition to the spoken content, interpreters get non-verbal aspects of communication across, too. Sign language interpreting is also available for people with hearing loss.

We offer the following types of interpreting:
Simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Liaison interpreting
Remote interpreting
Telephone interpreting
Community interpreting
Off-site interpreting

Why choose a translation agency?

Choosing a Swiss-based translation agency ensures you’ll get much better results because of the workflow we use.

We enter into a genuine partnership with our customers, working alongside you to create new opportunities for your business. We select the translators that are the right fit for your project from our large pool of translators and proof-readers covering different fields and native languages, all of them subject to rigorous testing procedures.

An agency with experienced professional translators

  • Founded in 1998 – 25 years of experience
  • Swiss values of excellence and expertise
  • Human translators working into over 30 languages
  • Coverage of a large number of specialist fields