The place to go in Switzerland for your translation needs – since 1998 is a Swiss-based translation agency founded by two translators over 20 years ago.

Our customers set great store by our characteristic Swiss quality, and especially appreciate our bespoke services offered at fair prices.

On the same team

We have the same aims

We’re fully aligned with your aims: broadening your customer base and raising your profile. To help you achieve them, we provide translation of online content and corporate documentation, enlisting the skills of our talented translators and the guarantees they offer: qualifications, years of full-time experience in the business, and the best professional standards.

Extensive experience

Professional translators

Our professional translators and proof-readers have a wealth of experience – and more. Their expertise also involves paying careful attention to the ultimate purpose of your text, ensuring the style and register of the translation are appropriate. Your job will be handled with the utmost care, right through to delivery – and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

The right price

Our price commitment

We’re committed to giving you a fair price: SMEs, multinationals, and startups all have very different needs, ranging from small but regular jobs to large, one-off projects. We constantly look for the best levers to offer you the right price – without skimping on quality.

What does a translation agency offer over and above a freelancer?

If you’re looking for a professionally done translation, you’re looking for accuracy: understanding a contract in a foreign language, rolling out an advertising campaign in another language region, and so on. To meet this different ranges of needs, different levels of translation are available. We offer the level that’s right for your need: no more, and no less.

We coordinate and oversee your translation project. Our project manager acts as your point of contact, analysing your request and directing you to the best solution on the basis of your requirements. We make sure to discuss more complex projects (e.g. translation into multiple languages) fully with you or your PR firm. Specific milestones and schedules provide a clear roadmap for everyone involved, ensuring there are no worries or holdups as the project moves forward.