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Each of Switzerland’s four language regions – German-speaking, French-speaking, Tessin and Grisons – have their particularities. We pay careful attention to these when choosing our translator/proof-reader teams.

The highly motivated translators we work with have all the experience and sensitivity required to adapt your message to their native language and culture.

We ensure best practices are adhered to. Most importantly, each translation is always proofread by one or more linguists, depending on the selected level of quality and the specific criteria we determine with you.

Is your French text destined for France, Switzerland, or Quebec?

When you request a translation from English into French, who are you aiming to reach? Linguistic adaptation of your translation is vital if you are to connect with your target audience. That’s where we come in: we have a network of translators, all working into their native language, and select the right one for you on the basis of the target country or region; a translator from Quebec will use very different vocabulary from one in Geneva.

Simplified or traditional Chinese?

Are you going to be working with Chinese partners? If so, you need to determine whether you should be using traditional or simplified Chinese characters. Mandarin (simplified Chinese) is the language common to the regions around Beijing and Taiwan, whereas traditional script is used in Hong Kong, for instance.

International or Latin American Spanish?

Just like their colleagues working in other languages, our Spanish-speaking translators have university-level qualifications and follow lifelong training throughout their careers. Most of them live in the target language country, thus ensuring that their translations don’t jar with their fellow-countrymen and that your marketing or legal translation isn’t going to be a disaster in the making.

Expert professional translators working into over 30 languages

Keen to join us?

We’re looking for long-term partnerships with committed, experienced translators. If you have qualifications in translation and have made translation your business for several years, we can offer you the chance to work on interesting projects at reasonable rates.

Send us  a full application including your CV, references, and details of your specialist fields.