Marketing transcreation

Typical translations

translation of infomercials / advertising tagline transcreation / slogans / social media content / press releases / videos / shorts / product data sheets / flyers / campaigns / packaging / press conference interpreting

We offer transcreation of your PR materials. If your advertising campaign has been designed in, say, German-speaking Switzerland, it’s vital to have it properly adapted if you want to reach the French-speaking Swiss (there’s nothing worse than a word-for-word translation of a pun that falls totally flat in the target language). Taking a step back from the actual words used in order to adapt taglines, product names, and press releases into the different languages spoken in Switzerland is vital – so it’s always preferable for your translation agency to be on board right from your campaign’s design stage. That way, we can be attentive to the content and choice of visuals during creation of the original content.